Bushwick Inlet Public Sidewalk Gets NYC Community Cleanup

IMG_0008 The typically trashed stretch of public sidewalk adjacent to the Bushwick Inlet got some loving care today thanks to the efforts of NYC Community Cleanup.

NYC Community Clean Up is a new citywide initiative designed to address neighborhood eyesores using the manpower of low level offenders (those arrested for minor offenses like vandalism, shoplifting and public drunkeness).  They offer their services to community non-profits – like Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park – for free.

A crew of three supervisors and five low level offenders who were referred by criminal court judges to pay their debt with community service showed up just after 9 am and began raking and cleaning the stretch of public sidewalk along Kent Avenue and North 14th Street.  Several hours later they had accumulated over 15 bags of trash, leaves and other debris.

Before leaving NYC Community Cleanup Assistant Borough Manager Douglas Antone promised that he and his crews would be vigilant in keeping the site clean over the coming weeks and months.

One of NYC Community Cleanup’s goals is to create a meaningful community service work project while avoiding sending low level offenders  to prison.  Another one of the non-profits goals it to demonstrate to New Yorkers that justice is at work in their communities. Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park says to NYC Community Cleanup – THANKS!  THAT’S A JOB WELL DONE!

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