Bushwick Inlet Activists To Take To The Water In Fight For Long-Awaited Park

Greenpoint Gazette
August 5, 2015

Pushing forth with their efforts to make Bushwick Inlet Park a reality, advocacy group Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park (FBIP) is organizing an occupy style rally at the site of the promised – but never delivered open space on August 9.

Taking it a step further, the organizers will occupy the inlet itself in additions to the proposed parkland.

Local boating groups have gathered dozens of participants who will paddle human-powered boats along the river facing the land on the day of the protest.

On land, the proposed site will be encircled with caution tape as protestors hold banners, fly kites and practice a guerilla-style art installation encompassing the whole land, known as art bombing.

“The main drawing point of the land is the waterfront and until recently the community hasn’t had any access to that land,” said Steve Chesler, of FBIP. “There is this beautiful inlet of water, and we have the right to access it and we are trying to highlight what we were promised in the rezoning resolution.”

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