Bushwick Inlet Park Supporters Demand That De Blasio “Live Up To The Promise”

March 13, 2015

Infuriated Brooklynites flooded the steps of City Hall yesterday afternoon to protest the delay in the construction of Bushwick Inlet Park. Back in 2005, residents of Williamsburg and Greenpoint were assured that the green space would be created as part of Mayor Bloomberg’s waterfront rezoning, but ten years later progress on the park has slowed. “I’m angry you have to be here. I’m angry I have to be here. I’m angry my kids have to be here,” said Agnieszka Gac-Chlebosz, a 30-year-old mom of two from Williamsburg. “They should be in the park!”

The protesters are especially nervous about the park’s future after last month’s 7-alarm fire took out one of the CitiStorage facilities that occupies 10 of the 28 acres promised by the Bloomberg administration.

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