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City Council Grills Mayor’s Affordable Housing Plan, Fearing Williamsburg-Style Gentrification

Bedford + Bowery
February 10, 2016

Council member Stephen Levin, representing Williamsburg and Greenpoint, brought up his community’s long-suffering wait for Bushwick Inlet Park, promised during Bloomberg’s 2005 rezoning that brought lots of shiny towers to North-Brooklyn’s waterfront.

“What’s the plan there, and how does that experience inform how you’re looking at future rezoning? Because, obviously, that’s not a situation we want to be in 10 years from now, ” he said. “We need to, as a city, make good on all those promises, even under a prior administration, before we move on.”

Glen replied with some words about “restoring contract with community” and “delivering on promises” but no concrete steps regarding the park….

Later, Jens Rasmussen of the Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park. took his righteous anger to the floor during public comments. “If this administration is willing to let the community of North Brooklyn live like rats in a maze because the agreements we made was with a previous administration, then what faith can current communities have that their hard-fought, hard-argued agreements will be honored in the future?” he said….

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photo by Kavitha Surana

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