Dewey Thompson on Being Creative and Persistent

Waterfront Alliance
August 9, 2015

Dewey Thompson is the president and founder of the North Brooklyn Boat Club, and one of the organizers of “Occupy the Inlet,” a rally by land and by water that took place on August 9, 2015 to draw attention to the city’s unfulfilled, 10-year-old promise to build Bushwick Inlet Park, a 28-acre public space along the north Brooklyn waterfront. Seven and a half of those acres are for sale by the former owner of CitiStorage for as much as $500 million, an amount locals call unrealistic.  The City, so far, has made no comment on the sale of this land, the centerpiece of a park that has been officially designated, mapped and designed. In his professional life, Mr. Thompson is executive producer and creative director at Pickerel Pie, a video production company.

How did Occupy the Inlet turn out?
It was a great combo demonstration with 40 or 50 boats, many of them tandem, in the water and about 100 people on land around the inlet. We got good press coverage and that’s key. Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park had the genesis of the idea…

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