Fire Heats Up Demand For the Completion of Bushwick Inlet Park

Bedford and Bowery
February 27, 2015

For 10 years, the residents of Greenpoint and Williamsburg have been waiting patiently for the City to fulfill its promise of Bushwick Inlet Park, a 28-acre expanse of open, leafy space located along the North Brooklyn waterfront. This month, in the wake of a colossal warehouse fire, they’ve started to clamor for it with military precision.

About 50 residents gathered Monday to strategize a March 12 rally at City Hall. Jens Rasmussen, one of the Greenpointers leading the charge, describes the demonstration as a warning shot to ensure the voice of the North Brooklyn community is heard by the City.

“The CitiStorage fire has removed the luxury of waiting,” says Rasmussen, who worries that the leveled lot will be sold to private developers. “We needed to act.”…

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