Brooklyn Not for Sale

Hey, ho, gentrification’s got to go: Scenes from a real estate protest outside the Brooklyn Museum

November 17, 2015

Kim Fraser, a Greenpoint resident in attendance who told us she’d been fighting for green spaces her entire life and, most recently, has been fighting against the planned Greenpoint Landing luxury towers. “There’s no humanity in it.” …

“How about uptown funk?”

A young woman stands holding a trumpet by her side, asking her bandmates what they’d like to play to kick off the Brooklyn Anti-Gentrification Network (BAN)’s protest of the 6th Brooklyn Real Estate Summit, which took place inside the Brooklyn Museum this morning. The band laughs. They tune their instruments, playing a few notes together and then trailing into mindless chatter as folks start gathering in front of the museum.

They, along with other placard-toting hopefuls, are in generally good spirits at the BAN’s bright-and-early 7:30am protest call. Signs provided by the group tout gripes ranging from affordable housing, to gentrification, to #BlackLivesMatter. Some people are just holding Bernie Sanders campaign posters….

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Photo credit Maria Travis

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