Hundreds Rally to Protect Williamsburg Park from Jagged Teeth of Development

Bedford and Bowery
March 12, 2015

“The City promised us a park, instead we got a burning warehouse,” shouted Nick Rizzo, District Leader for Williamsburg and Greenpoint, to the crowd that gathered outside City Hall this lunchtime. The North Brooklyn community was out in full force: approximately 300 people took part in today’s Bushwick Inlet Park rally, a move to put pressure on the city to fulfill its promise of a 28-acre plot of greenspace on the Greenpoint and Williamsburg waterfront. The turnout was so large that many marchers were restricted access to the steps of City Hall. Unwavering in their enthusiasm, they showed their support from the neighboring streets. Members of the Hispanic and Hasidic communities of North Brooklyn held flowers, flags and banners alongside local parents and their young children who were missing school for an important lesson in civil action. In unison the crowd broke frequently into the chant: “WHERE’S OUR PARK, A PROMISE IS A PROMISE.”

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