North Brooklyn Pols Rip City for Not Coming Through On Park

Kings County Politics
March 12, 2015

UPDATED Elected officials representing North Brooklyn joined about 300 neighborhood protesters and parks advocates at City Hall today to demand the City make good on its promise to give the community a 28-acre park along the East River’s Bushwick Inlet to help mitigate the effects of the 2005 North Brooklyn Waterfront Rezoning Agreement.

Specifically, they called on the City to acquire the CitiStorage warehouse site that was partially burned down last month, and convert it to parkland. The 2005 rezoning caused a dramatic surge in high-rise towers threatening neighborhood residents who have the smallest per capita amount of open space of any neighborhood in the city, the protestors said.

“It has been ten years since North Brooklyn was promised a 28-acre Bushwick Inlet Park and still to this day this promise has not been kept,” said North Brooklyn City Councilman Stephen Levin. “The City must now acquire the CitiStorage site and finally make good on its word. Williamsburg and Greenpoint have demonstrated unparalleled tenacity in advocating for their community and together we will fight until the City delivers a 28-acre Bushwick Inlet Park.”…

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