Protesters occupy Bushwick Inlet in continued fight for park

Greenpoint Star
August 11, 2015

Amidst talk that a development deal to construct a mall or high-rise tower atop the proposed 28-acre Bushwick Inlet Park site could be on the horizon, over 200 community members occupied the waters of Bushwick Inlet in waterborne protest over the weekend.

“It’s a rumor, but it made us feel like we needed to act right away and put the pressure on the city,” said Katherine Conkling Thompson of Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park, which has advocated for the creation of the park for years.

North Brooklyn residents have fought for years to see the vision of a 28-acre Bushwick Inlet Park along the Williamsburg waterfront, promised by the Bloomberg Administration in a 2005 massive rezoning of the area, fully realized.

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