Surf and no turf! Residents rally on river for promised parkland

Brooklyn Paper
August 11, 2015

They rocked the boat!

Dozens of Greenpoint and Williamsburg residents stormed Bushwick Inlet by land and sea on Sunday to demand the city deliver a park it promised to build on the waterfront a decade ago.

Around 40 protesters on canoes and kayaks paddled into the cove near Kent Avenue between N. 14th and N. 15th streets on Aug. 9, waving flags and making noise. Meanwhile on land, around 100 protesters chanted and hung signs on the fence that surrounds an industrial lot that the city the city purchased last year but is yet to transform into green space.

The landlubbing demonstrators were cut off from their seafaring counterparts by the fenced-off lot, which they said highlighted the locals’ longing for waterfront green space.

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