Williamsburg and Greenpoint Locals to Rally for Completed Waterfront Park

August 4, 2015

WILLIAMSBURG — Dozens of locals are expected to invade the Williamsburg waterfront Sunday — both on land and in the water — demanding that the city fulfill its promises to complete the Bushwick Inlet Park.

Williamsburg and Greenpoint residents have been rallying for months, asking that Mayor Bill de Blasio follow through on the city’s promise to create nearly 30 acres of park as part of the waterfront rezoning plan.

But the Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park and elected officials still haven’t heard word from the mayor’s office, said Steve Chesler, an organizer of Sunday’s event.

They’re going out again on Sunday to “Occupy the Inlet” in hopes of putting more pressure on the city to make moves before sale of the CitiStorage land parcel is finalized.

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