Greenpointers FBIP Funeral Coverage

What’s New in the World of Bushwick Inlet Park?

Greenpointers October 29, 2015 … Midtown Equities is selling one of its properties in downtown Brooklyn for $200 million, which is also, coincidentally, the amount it would need to purchase the CitiStorage property from owner Norm Brodsky. A “source familiar with the deal” told Crain’s that the two deals weren’t related, but local activist Kim Fraser (Friends […]

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East New Yorkers Urged to Reject City’s Rezoning Plan

DNAinfo October 20, 2015 BROWNSVILLE — Elected officials and Brooklyn neighbors impacted by the city’s previous rezoning plans showed up in full force Monday night, urging residents to vote against Mayor Bill de Blasio’s proposal to rezone East New York. Locals packed into the Brownsville Multi-Service Center for the standing-room only meeting with city officials, voicing concerns […]

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Midtown Equities Funeral Service

Bushwick Inlet Park Advocates Stage Funeral in Hopes of Killing Tower Deal

Bedford + Bowery October 20, 2015 Halloween came early for a developer seeking to take over a controversial plot on the Williamsburg waterfront; this afternoon activists hauling coffins and headstones tried to spook Midtown Equities out of building on land once destined to become a park.  Led by the open space advocacy Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park, about ten people […]

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CB16 Rezoning Hearing

Friends Rock CB16 City Planning Hearing!

Last night a group from FBIP descended upon Brooklyn CB16 in Brownsville/East New York to confront NYC Planning about the City’s non-fulfillment of rezoning promises in our district from 10 years ago, and warn the district leaders and residents of another bait & switch. Big thanks to those who trekked far from our neighborhood to […]

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Developer Midtown Equities is hoping to sell a property in downtown Brooklyn in a deal that could help it buy one of the biggest development sites in Williamsburg.

Crains New York October 19, 2015 Midtown Equities offers 205 Montague for sale The firm has put the large parcel it owns in downtown Brooklyn up for sale for over $200 million. Developer Midtown Equities is hoping to sell a property in downtown Brooklyn in a deal that could help it buy one of the […]

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Kim Fraser & FBIP at CB1

CB1 Approves Resolution Against Ever Rezoning CitiStorage Property!

Good News! This week Community Board #1 passed a resolution against ever rezoning the CitiStorage Property for residential or enhanced commercial development! The resolution demands the City fulfill its promise from the 2005 Greenpoint Williamsburg rezoning plan to create a full contiguous Bushwick Inlet Park on the East River Waterfront. We can’t thank the board […]

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Just What the Doctor Ordered: Using Parks to Improve Children’s Health

NIH October 2015 For children today, time spent outdoors is becoming more of a luxury—or in some cases, a chore—than a staple. In recent years “nature deficit disorder” among kids has evolved from a turn of phrase1 to a cultural indictment.2,3 Smartphones and other screens are increasingly vying for kids’ attention,4 but blame lies elsewhere, too: just as […]

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