City Hall

City Council Grills Mayor’s Affordable Housing Plan, Fearing Williamsburg-Style Gentrification

Bedford + Bowery February 10, 2016 … Council member Stephen Levin, representing Williamsburg and Greenpoint, brought up his community’s long-suffering wait for Bushwick Inlet Park, promised during Bloomberg’s 2005 rezoning that brought lots of shiny towers to North-Brooklyn’s waterfront. “What’s the plan there, and how does that experience inform how you’re looking at future rezoning? Because, obviously, […]

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Greenpointers Press Conference Coverage

At CitiStorage Rally, Various Words that Amounted to ‘Where’s Our Park?’

Greenpointers February 1, 2016 by Steph Koyfman This should have been a park by now Yesterday was the year anniversary of the 7-alarm fire that razed the CitiStorage warehouse on the Williamsburg waterfront. At a rally held near the site on N. 11th Street and Kent Avenue, more than a few attendees wondered why the Williamsburg waterfront never […]

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Bedford + Bowery Press Conference Coverage

How Many Ways Can You Say ‘Where’s My Williamsburg Waterfront Park’?

Bedford + Bowery February 1, 2016 [embedr responsive=”true”] [/embedr] “What is there to say other than, ‘Where’s our park?’ and, ‘The promise was made,’ and, ‘Do it’?” State Senator Daniel Squadron asked Saturday at the CitiStorage site, on the anniversary of a seven-alarm fire that renewed calls for the greening of the eight-acre plot on […]

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