Only a year old… so why does award winning Bushwick Inlet Park look so bad?

BIP Walkway Fall 2014

BIP pathway photo

If you’ve been by Bushwick Inlet Park lately, you may have noticed that not even a year after the park opened, all the grass on the sloping roof and along the walkway is dead and the paving on the pathway up to the rooftop is badly degraded.  So why has this 2014 American Institute of Architects award winner fallen into such disrepair?

Here’s what North Brooklyn Parks Administrator and Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn Executive Director Ed Janoff had to say about it all earlier this week:

“These items are under guarantee and being addressed by Parks Capital and the construction contractor. The irrigation system in the lawn and the lawn itself is being serviced this week and the pathway coating is on the punch list for restoration – this should be addressed shortly. The Borough Office and Capital are reviewing measures to prevent these occurrences in the future.”

An update  from OSA – the problem with the irrigation system was reportedly repaired this week by one vendor, and another is expected later this week to hydroseed the lawn and mend the damaged areas of the walkway. Beginning Friday, the roof (but not the playground) will be temporarily closed to the public so the grass can rest and the mended walkway can dry.

Hopefully, these promised repairs will address the problems.  But the question remains – why did it all fall apart so quickly?  And what actions should be taken to insure that it won’t happen again?