Envisioning Bushwick Inlet Park Video Library

If you were unable to attend programs or would like to take them in again, here's your chance to watch online.

Seminar #1 – Revisiting the 2005 Greenpoint Williamsburg Waterfront Open Space Master Plan
Presenter: Donna Walcavage. Panelists: Christine Holowasz, Laura Hofmann

Seminar #2 – New Parks and the Public Realm: Community Agency, Neighborhood Sustainability and Environmental Justice – “Connectivity”
Presenter: Susannah Drake. Panelists: Diana Reyna, Joe Vance, Ana Traverso-Krejcarek

Another Great Victory for Bushwick Inlet Park and the Citizens of North Brooklyn!

Pictured-FBIP Steering Committee Member Ward Dennis speaking to the Mayor at the Town Hall Meeting

At the October 18, 2017 Council District 33 Town Hall with Mayor Bill de Blasio and Council Member Steve Levin at St. Francis College, the Mayor along with NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver announced that the City of New York will be committing over $17 million dollars to the further development of Bushwick Inlet Park. $9.8 million will go towards environmental remediation of the Motiva site (the strip of land around the Inlet itself) and $7.7 million towards construction of a permanent park space at 50 Kent (the new lawn between N10 and N11 that National Grid completed remediation on earlier this year). These funds are in addition to the $22 million that has already been allocated to demolition and environmental testing at the Bayside Fuel Oil site.

Read our press release.


Greenpoint Williamsburg Waterfront Master Plan Map

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Envisioning Bushwick Inlet Park Seminar Panel

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