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Biology/Art: The Fungus Among Us/ Colored Pencil and Ink

April 24 @ 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm

Mushroom illustrations

It’s not an animal and it’s not a plant – it’s a fungus!

Led by scientific illustrator Monica Schroeder we’ll discover the weird world of fungi with an informational slideshow and a step by step art demonstration for all to follow and create a fun, colorful artwork.  No experience necessary!.

We’ll choose between a chanterelle or an amanita muscaria (toadstool) for the demo.  Use any medium you prefer that allows for detailed work.  The demo will use pencil, colored pencils and an ink pen or marker.  Topics and techniques covered will include light and shadow, creating a 3-D form, color theory, mixing color for shadows, inking a drawing, and more.

All skill levels welcome. Perfect for beginners.


  1. Drawing basics
  2. Creating volume & light
  3. Drawing, coloring, and inking.
  4. Choosing colors



  • 2H and a 6H drawing pencil (any hard or soft pencils)
  • White eraser
  • Scrap paper for drawing practice
  • Nicer paper for your mushroom drawing
  • Colored pencils & a blending tool
  • Ink markers or pen


Please have art supplies ready.

Free registration required.

chanterelle illustration


toadstool illustratiion