FBIP Submits City’s Offer to Cushman & Wakefield

Today on Behalf of the City of New York
FBIP Has Submitted Their Generous & Fair
Offer of $100 Million Dollars to Norm Brodsky through Cushman & Wakefield’s Brokered Auction!

Corrected CitiStorage BrochureAlso Cushman’s Marketing Brochure for the Property Contained Errors & Omissions, So We Created & Submitted an Updated One!

Dear Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park,

Today is the final day of Norm’s private auction to sell his property. But, the City of New York has presented a very fair and profitable offer to Norm Brodsky for the last remaining parcel of the promised & long-planned Bushwick Inlet Park. $100,000,000! He is poised to make a 2000+% ROI on his original investment, and can provide his community with the open space they so desperately need. Win-win. Private bidders should BEWARE: 1) Great time & cost involved with soil remediation 2) No Upzoning Allowed – Community Resitance to Stores or Offices 3) City can use eminent domain to seize the property

This petition asks both sides to come together to make something beautiful happen for all involved. Please sign & distribute widely.

Yesterday FBIP, our government reps and the community came together to tell this private bidders: Buyer Beware!