“Maker Park” – For the Record

As many of you have seen, a group by the name of Maker Park is holding a “Design Display” meeting on Tuesday evening. “Maker Park” is a proposal to supplant the Bushwick Inlet Park masterplan with a new plan that would retain the tanks and buildings at the Bayside Fuel Oil site, repurposing these relics as “open space” and “maker space”. The timing of this event, coming immediately on the heels of the City’s announcement of the acquisition of the final parcel of the park, has led many to believe that the “Design Display” is part of the public planning process for Bushwick Inlet Park. This is incorrect.

The “Maker Park” proposal is in no way affiliated with Friends of Bushwick Park, and Tuesday’s event is not part of the planning process for Bushwick Inlet Park. “Maker Park” is an independent group that has developed its own vision (and name) for Bushwick Inlet Park. “Maker Park” has no affiliation with the City of New York, and neither the City nor the Department of Parks is involved with this project or with Tuesday’s event.

A masterplan for Bushwick Inlet Park already exists. The Bushwick Inlet Park masterplan was developed through a series of community design discussions facilitated by leading landscape architects and ultimately adopted by Community Board #1 and the Department of Parks. The community’s Bushwick Inlet Park Masterplan remains the guiding document for the future construction of the park.