In 2005, the controversial rezoning of the Greenpoint and Williamsburg waterfront stipulated  that the City of New York create at least 50 acres of park space to service the expanding community.

Almost 12 years later, tens-of-thousands of new residents have moved in to the developing area, but very little of the 27-acre Bushwick Inlet Park has been materialized. Where's Our Park?

On November 21, 2016, after extensive community activism and outcry asking, “WHERE’S OUR PARK?” The City of New York finalized a deal with the owner of the CitiStorage site,  acquiring the final piece of land needed to realize the fully planned Bushwick Inlet Park. Read the story.

Now that the fight for the last piece of land is over, we begin a new phase of community activation. Please explore our site to learn more about the park and how you can help with developing of the rest of Bushwick Inlet Park.

A resounding thanks to Mayor Bill de Blasio and to a passionate resilient coalition of our community, supporting organizations, and our elected Officials!

Check out our press release.