Kim Fraser & FBIP at CB1

CB1 Approves Resolution Against Ever Rezoning CitiStorage Property!

Good News! This week Community Board #1 passed a resolution against ever rezoning the CitiStorage Property for residential or enhanced commercial development!

The resolution demands the City fulfill its promise from the 2005 Greenpoint Williamsburg rezoning plan to create a full contiguous Bushwick Inlet Park on the East River Waterfront. We can’t thank the board enough for remaining solid with the community on this front.

Very soon we will be delivering the resolution along with a letter supporting the resolution from the Brooklyn Borough President and our state and federal elected reps to the Mayor and other related parties.

Stay tuned for events related to this!

Thanks so much to the FBIP supporters who came out to a marathon meeting at CB1 in support of the resolution, to the board members and our elected officials who are steadfast making the full park a reality!

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